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Working on Platforms

Electricians, especially those working in industrial environments, often work from platforms. These include mobile ones like scissor lifts and stationary ones like mezzanines.

One danger that arises is people walking below can be injured by something that falls off the platform. It’s easy enough to drop something (which is why you bring spares, right?). But the platform also has limited space, so you could accidentally kick something off of it (it will certainly be something for which you did not bring a spare).

Your first line of defense is to prevent unnecessary personnel from being in the work area. Rope it off. What about your helper below? In addition to wearing a hardhat, this person needs to remain outside the area until specifically needed. You should stop work when your helper goes across the work area boundary.

Your second line of defense is to follow the housekeeping rules. Remove any clutter or debris before starting work. Keep platforms free of tools and materials you don’t need for the task you are performing. Raise and lower tools to your helper using a rope and bucket.

Keep the tools and supplies you are using in high-sided container (such as that bucket). Use multiple containers if that makes things easier. The container does no good if it tips over, so consider placing something heavy in the bottom to keep it upright.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection