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Viewing Safety as a Compliance Issue

Viewing Safety as a Compliance IssueIt’s a mistake to view safety as an add-on set of requirements. Many times, the impetus is so the company can avoid OSHA fines or meet some “safety goal.”

Sometimes, the impetus is the CEO repeatedly said that safety, the environment, and production are the company’s priorities and in that order. But, wink, wink, we know he doesn’t really mean that so we’ll support the charade by going zombie-like through safety training and not doing anything that overtly violates the safety rules.

In this viewpoint, safety is a necessary evil. It just adds cost and delay to getting the job done. This viewpoint stands in direct contradiction to the real world, yet it’s surprisingly common.

Maybe in your organization, people merely lean toward this viewpoint. So they are all for safety but also try to “minimize the impact” it has on financial goals.

The reality is that integrating safety into your work processes actually improves efficiency and the bottom line. This fact has been proven over the years by, for example, electrical testing firms that are members of a professional organization for people doing this work.

The difference is they do every job methodically. Test technicians are trained in precise ways to approach and perform the work. The methodology raises efficiency dramatically, and safe work practices are built-in. Think about how to integrate safety into your own work practices.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection