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Shock Prevention

Shock PreventionsElectrocution is the third leading cause of death on construction sites, and it’s still a huge problem in commercial and industrial settings. The “shocking” news here is OSHA records show the typical electrocution was preceded by multiple safety violations.

That is, it’s not that Bob died because he didn’t use a GFCI. He also wasn’t wearing gloves and was using a taped up portable cord. And he was standing in a puddle. Any one of these actions could lead to an electrocution, but electrocution causes usually happen in clusters.

What we can conclude from this is electrocutions usually aren’t random and really aren’t accidents. They are nearly always the inevitable result of a string of unsafe acts. That makes them, by and large, preventable.

Electrocutions tend to occur in a “safety sloppy” environment. The root cause isn’t lack of a GFCI or a damaged portable cord. The root cause is an unsafe attitude. It is this attitude that is behind the unsafe acts that end badly for those who do them.

Ground rods don’t protect you from electrocution; electricity will still flow through your body, which is a parallel path. Circuit breakers and fuses won’t protect you; you can easily roast before they open.

OSHA mandates that your company provide an electrical training program. Following the rules and procedures of this program will protect you.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection