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How To Always Ensure Your Eyes Are Properly Protected?

OSHA provides construction industry regulations for eye and face protection in 29CFR 1926.102. OSHA can fine employers for violations. What OSHA cannot do is find work for blind electricians.

Sometimes, eye protection seems like a hassle. It may be easier to see without those safety glasses. When you’re tempted to think this way, remember that it’s not easy to see after an airborne particle penetrates your eye.

How can you ensure your eyes are always properly protected? Before starting a particular task, assess the location and the task for PPE requirements. This could take more time than you’re comfortable spending, but the loss of an eye could be the price you pay for being in a hurry.

For some people, safety is a question of “What can I get by with?” So if an area doesn’t have an eye protection sign they enter without eye protection. For other people, safety is a question of “How can I protect myself?” They guard against the possible dangers, regardless of any signs. Can you guess which group has fewer injuries?

Some eye protection guidelines:

  • Wear safety glasses whenever you’re onsite, even if you’re on break.
  • If an arc flash is possible, wear a face shield. You won’t have time to reach for it if there’s an arc event.
  • If working near dangerous chemicals, wear goggles. Splashguards aren’t 100% unbreachable, and seals can leak.
  • When in doubt, protect too much. You can always remove protection. You can never add new eyes.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection