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Commonly Overlooked Safety Concepts

Commonly Overlooked Safety ConceptsOne reason people get hurt on the job is they haven’t really latched onto some fundamental concepts about safety. Here’s a list to help you think safe and be safe.

  • Safety saves money. A single unsafe act can take down an entire facility for days. For example, an arc blast can wipe out a set of switchgear.
  • Safety training isn’t a cost; it’s an investment. The return on that depends on how well everyone pulls together to eliminate unsafe conditions and avoid engaging in unsafe acts. It takes just one poor team player to wipe out the entire investment.
  • Your safety is your job, in more ways than one. Only you can make sure you don’t engage in unsafe acts, so it’s your job to do that. You also protect your employment with your current company by working safely. Liability concerns, production interruptions, and the morale of all employees are powerful motivators for giving unsafe workers the pink slip.
  • Safety is a way of working. It depends on being methodical, knowing what you are doing, having all relevant information, and paying attention to detail. Those are the same characteristics required for efficient, high-quality work.
  • It’s not about what you can get by with. Do you ever find yourself asking, “Do I have to wear XYZ protective gear?” or some other question that’s based on not doing a safety practice? Instead, ask, “What are the dangers and how do I protect myself?”

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection