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Always Have The Safety Attitude

Do-You-Have-the-Safety-AttitudeSuppose you’re at home, and you see a lawn care service at your neighbor’s place. From inside your house, you hear the whine of the leafblower. What do you do?

  1. Ignore the work being done, as it’s not your lawn.
  2. Go outside and watch.
  3. Look through your window to see if that worker is wearing the appropriate PPE.

Let’s rate these options:

  1. Ignoring work that’s going on around you means you are safety-apathetic.
  2. Being in an active work area when you don’t need to be there is an unsafe act.
  3. Actively looking out for safety issues is part of having the safety attitude. You don’t do it just at work, you do it all the time.

Now suppose you notice that worker has no hearing or eye protection. You have several good options, none of which involve ignoring the unsafe behavior. You’ll have to use your judgment as to which one fits the circumstances.

Two examples:

  1. Look on the company truck for the company phone number and call them. Explain that the company has a safety training issue and state what you observed. Thank them for listening.
  2. Grab your own PPE, and approach the worker. Ask the worker to stop. Then say that running the leaf blower without hearing protection will result in profound hearing damage. Offer to supply the PPE.

Always think safety, anywhere.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection