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Neon Signs and Lighting, Part 7

Neon Signs and Lighting, Part 7We noted in Part 6 that the the power supply for an LED sign illumination system is a class 2 power supply. On the load side of this power source, you must use listed Class 2 cable that complies with Table 725.154, and its conductors can’t be smaller than 22 AWG [600.33(A)].

The following requirements for installing these Class 2 cables and conductors [600.33(B)(1)] also appear in other, unrelated Articles:

  • Install in a neat and workmanlike manner.
  • Install supports in a way that doesn’t damage the cable.
  • If installed on exposed surfaces, support so the cable isn’t damaged by normal building use.

If subject to physical damage, provide protection per 300.4. When connecting cables and conductors, use only listing insulating devices. The connections must be accessible after installation [600.33(B)(2)].

Ground and bond LED sign systems the same way [600.7] you do other sign systems [600.33(D)].

The final two sections of Article 600 address neon tubing and electrode connections.

  1. Support neon tubing using only listed tube supports [600.41(B)]. Use these supports to maintain a spacing of at least 1/4 inch between the tubing and other surfaces. If the tubing is readily accessible to other than qualified persons, install suitable guards (or other approved protection means) [600.41(D)].
  2. You can connect electrodes by twisting the wires together, using a connection device, or using a listed electrode receptacle [600.42(C)]. Support neon conductors no more than 6 inches from this connection [600.42(D)].

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