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Are You Really Saving Money?

Many plants have some odd ways of saving money on maintenance. Consider these:

  • “Deferring” scheduled maintenance. Reality: This merely accelerates equipment failure and the corresponding costs of downtime.
  • Buying the entry level model of test equipment rather than the one needed for the particular circumstances. Reality: Intervention that would have prevented downtime doesn’t occur, but the preventable downtime does.
  • Not replacing that old, beat-up label maker. Reality: Wiring gets labeled by hand, if at all; legibility and durability suffer and so do the people trying to figure out what goes where.
  • Cutting the tool replacement program. Reality: Worn tools cost more in efficiency loss alone, not to mention damaged equipment and the safety risks.
  • Rationing out hearing protection and safety glasses. Reality: This PPE isn’t very costly to begin with, but a single incident can cost plenty. Yes, make sure people don’t waste the PPE but don’t discourage them from using it.
  • Canceling training to meet the quarterly budget target. Reality: There is perhaps no better way to insult and demotivate maintenance people than to cancel training. But worse for the company is the dollars that training would have saved in future quarters won’t be saved.
  • Running an ultra-tight spare parts program. Reality: Yes, inventory is overhead. But time waiting for a part to arrive while critical equipment is down costs much more.

Chasing the cheapest vendor. Reality: A good relationship is a wise investment.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection