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Use Lighting to Show Them the Way

use-lighting-to-show-them-the-wayContractors often fall into the trap of making a loss leader of the first project with a new client. This just makes them expect you to lose money on any future projects, so you need a more sustainable approach.

Sell that first job based on the quality of similar installations you have done. There’s a reason very few people drive the cheapest car available. If the customer really is seeking the lowest price, let your competitor take that loss.

Because lighting projects can produce a significant visual impact, they are ideal vehicles for first projects with new customers. They not only get you in the door, but literally allow your company to shine. Some things you can do:

  • Walk the customer through the project, pointing out the craftsmanship. Be specific. “Everything is lined up using levels” or, “We used extra mounting hardware here because of vibration from the production equipment.”
  • Offer to perform free testing. You’ll connect your power analyzer to four different feeders at no charge. Or you’ll perform an infra-red survey on two cabinets at no cost. Always coordinate with the customer’s maintenance and operations, once you get permission.
  • Simply do free testing. For example conduct sonic analysis on sections of the plant air system, and then provide the customer with a list of leaks.

Engage this customer in discussions about the facility’s electrical issues.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection