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Truly Serving Your Customer with a Lighting Upgrade

Reducing energy waste is a common reason for lighting upgrades. The typical such upgrade is technology focused, for example replacing an older type of fluorescent lamp/ ballast with a newer type.

While this kind of upgrade certainly will save energy and certainly can provide profitable work for you, it leaves much on the table. Both in terms of reducing the energy bill and in terms of distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Even if you execute the project perfectly, have you given your customer a compelling reason to prefer you for other projects? In fact, you have commoditized your firm with this project.

Often, the lighting layout is wrong for the current conditions. Maybe it never was right. If you upgrade the lighting but of all the employees only the plant controller can tell the difference, how does this affect your reputation?

If you conduct a lighting level survey and assess the lighting needs based on the activities performed in the area, you can develop a customized lighting system that gets noticed. When employees comment on how much easier it is to see and how much they like the new lighting, guess who also shines? Not just the plant engineer, but the electrical firm he engaged for the upgrade.

Try to expand the project into a power distribution upgrade with a separate transformer and panel for lighting.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection