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Talking About Lighting Upgrades

Talking-About-Lighting-UpgradesNo doubt, LED technology has moved lighting to a whole new level. But it’s not true that “lighting upgrade” automatically means conversion to LED. When your potential customers think that it does, the price tag can cause them to scale back or simply not do the upgrade.

You need to refocus your customers on the fact that it’s the lighting you’re upgrading. A lighting upgrade may also produce energy savings, but not necessarily. In some cases, a lighting upgrade will use more energy instead of less.

Here’s an example. ABC Company has had the same production facility for twenty years. Employee turnover is low, so the average worker is almost fifty now. The lumens at the work station that were sufficient when the facility opened are now insufficient. And that’s assuming there haven’t been layout changes that have adversely affected the lighting levels where people are actually stationed (this assumption is almost never true).

So what might your lighting upgrade proposal be?

  • Assessment of lighting levels at key points.
  • Relocating of lighting fixtures.
  • Adding a few of the same light fixtures to bring total light levels up.
  • Inspection of wiring, upsizing of neutral and/or current-carrying conductors as needed.
  • Adjusting shades, cleaning lenses.

Do you see LED anywhere? No, and not a single fixture is being replaced! But this is a major upgrade to the lighting from where it is now.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection