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Selling a Lighting Project

selling-a-lighting-projectWhen you’re selling a new lighting installation or a lighting upgrade, what are you really selling? Many contractors think they are selling “lighting” but that thinking is a mistake. You may sell more light, whiter light, or more efficient light but miss what the customer actually needs.

What you’re selling is a system that meets the customer’s particular lighting needs. What’s spec’d out on paper can look fantastic but how do you know the installation will actually make the customer happy?

A customer isn’t going to be happy with an upgrade that casts shadows the old system didn’t cast, especially if the shadows are in critical lighting areas. Always evaluate the lamp, fixture, and shade combination and make sure the main cone of light covers the critical lighting area.

Before you replace those fluorescent lamps with new LEDs that are daylight white, work out a means of testing this change in the customer’s actual application. For example, they want daylight white over the drill presses. Install a temporary fixture or direct lamp replacement over one press and see if the operators hate it or like it.

A customer may have sold himself on the idea that a lighting upgrade is just a fixture change-out to something more efficient and/or higher output. Upgrading the branch circuit is often necessary; sell the whole job, not a patch job.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection