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Lights Don’t Last Forever; What Are You Doing About it?

The typical electrical service firm waits for a customer to seek bids on a lighting project. But the typical customer who needs a lighting replacement or upgrade doesn’t know that.

You can find equipment life expectancy numbers in various industry standards, such as the IEEE Gold Book. Do a search until you can cover every component of a lighting system. Some components show substantial degradation after 10 years, and some are just worn out after 30 years.

  • Supply transformer.
  • Supply panelboard(s).
  • Circuit breaker. If you offer free breaker testing, you can expect to find half the breakers need replacing at age 10.
  • If you offer free cable testing, you may find the existing wire is already shot even if it’s only 10 years old. Use more than one test, not just an insulation resistance test.
  • Light fixtures other than LED typically last about 20 years.

If you put together an assessment plan based on equipment life expectancy and can show the relevant industry standards backing those numbers, you can make a compelling pitch for a lighting project the customer wasn’t even aware needed to be done.

Did you notice something about the list of components? Except for lighting fixtures, the entire list consists of items used everywhere throughout the facility. Your lighting project could become the entry point for a series of projects.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection