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Lighting to the Next Level

While retrofitting incandescent, fluorescent, or other lamp types to LED can produce energy savings, that may not be the case if you render energy-saving controls useless.

Suppose a customer shows you a conference room they want “updated for better efficiency” and asks you, “What kind of light bulbs should we get?”

That’s really the wrong question, especially if the conference room has incandescent dimmers or similar controls. Those controls will be useless, and possibly dangerous, with another lighting type.

If this room is used for meetings with important clientele, your customer has an incentive to take the lighting to the next level while also improving its lighting efficiency. LED seems to be the answer your customer wants to hear, but what LED solution actually makes sense?

It’s amazing what you can do with LED lighting strips, which you can use to supplement or replace the existing lighting. Take a look around the room. Are there parts that could benefit from being accented?

You can probably also take controls up a notch throughout the facility. For example, you could put occupancy sensors on the lights for restrooms, storage rooms, and other such areas.

Outdoors, you could upgrade the parking and security lights to LED fixtures. Because LEDs don’t require a relatively large volume “bulb,” designers have been able to come up with outdoor lighting products that are as beautiful as they are utilitarian. And you can put those on automatic controls to further save energy.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection