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Lighting Project Planning Tips

Lighting-Project-Planning-TipsWhether lighting a space for the first time or doing an upgrade, you can do an outstanding job if you consider some issues before specifying what fixtures and how many. Here are some issues to consider before signing off on that bill of materials:

  • How much light is needed at the work surfaces? The answer depends, of course on what those work surfaces are (e.g., desk versus production machine, very different heights and angles) and what is being done at those work surfaces.
  • What’s the status of the area and its need for decorum? Your typical warehouse, for example, is probably fine with basic, plain-looking fixtures. But what if you’re lighting the lobby of a law firm?
  • Which lighting technology makes the most sense for this application? It’s not always going to be LED, as attractive as that technology is. For example, you’re lighting a footpath at night for pedestrian safety. An incandescent fixture generates enough heat to keep the lamp from being covered in ice. An LED does not; maybe you can find a heating system for the LED system you’re looking at, but probably not.
  • What kinds of controls should go with the lighting? Make sure the controls will achieve the desired result and are compatible with the lighting.

Are there any special considerations for containing the light? Increasingly, light pollution is being recognized as a problem and not just for amateur astronomers.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection