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Lead Your Customers into LED

Lead Your Customers into LEDToday’s LED lighting choices include a wide array of retrofit lamps. These retrofits are fine for small scale upgrades, making the project quick and painless. Unfortunately, “quick and painless” thinking can lead your customers to try to scale something that doesn’t scale economically. If you lead customers to the right choices, you better serve them while increasing your revenue.

Your customers probably won’t come to you to ask which retrofit “light bulb” they need. Once they have this “light bulb” (which isn’t cheap), they will be resistant to changing to a more appropriate system. You must be proactive. That means scheduling free lighting upgrade consultations with your existing customers (and with new customers).

You should explain why LED is not appropriate for all circumstances. Because the lamp is very cool, it doesn’t melt ice. That fact limits its outdoor applications. The fact that the electronics get very hot limits its indoor applications; e.g., recessed units typically require a tall can.

Retrofit lamps work because of design compromises. They can be a significant improvement over an existing installation, but:

  • They don’t give you the full energy efficiency boost of a replacement system.
  • The existing lamp locations are probably suboptimal due to differences in the light produced. Simply swapping out lamps could degrade lighting to an unacceptable level, whereas a properly designed layout can significantly boost lighting quality.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection