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Hidden Costs of LED Changeovers

While LED lighting can greatly reduce energy and maintenance costs, the changeover costs can be high.

From an electrical standpoint, the issue is that LEDs run on only a few volts of DC power. To get that DC power, you’ll install switching power supplies, and consequently you’ll have power quality issues. These aren’t insurmountable, but mitigating them will incur costs in terms of time, engineering, equipment, materials, installation, and testing.

A large scale changeover will require an engineering analysis on your entire load side distribution system with special attention paid to power factor. Carefully review the power quality-related specifications of the new lamp systems (not just the lamps).

From a facility manager’s standpoint, the issue is a huge number of fluorescent lamps to dispose of. If you currently have a relamping service contract, disposal is probably “out of sight, out of mind.” But this isn’t the case when you take those fixtures down.

The typical relamping contract provides old lamp disposal as part of the relamping service. Will your relamping firm gladly take your old lamps off your hands since you’re switching to LEDs? Look at this from their viewpoint. You’re telling them they’re going to get far less, if any, business from you in the future. What’s their motivation for helping make that happen?

Before you get too deep into your LED makeover, contact lamp recyclers to get the costs, pre-pickup onsite storage requirements, shipping requirements, and other details of disposing of those fluorescent lamps you’re replacing.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection