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Helping Your Customer Choose LED Lighting

helping-your-customer-choose-led-lightingNo particular lighting technology is always the right choice. LED comes close, but customers sometimes balk at the initial cost.

Suppose you’re trying to convince your customer (Fred, the plant engineer) to switch from the plant’s current mix of fluorescent, incandescent, and metal halide. The conversation might go as follows.

Fred: “I don’t want half a dozen more types of light bulbs in our store room.”

You: “I’m glad you mentioned that, Fred. I counted 47 types of lamps. We’ll replace all of those with five types. But you won’t need to keep them in your store room.”

Fred: “So where do we keep them?”

You: “You won’t need to keep any, and you won’t need your relamping program for the fluorescents in the main production area. LEDs last an extremely long time. One of the models I want you to look at is rated to last 60,000 hours. Or almost seven years. At that point, it’ll still put out light but just 30% less.”

Fred: “Sounds great, and there’s the energy savings.”

You: “Correct.”

Fred: “But I’ll save much more energy by adding lighting controls like dimmers and timers than buying those LEDs.”

You: “I can spec out LEDs that work with lighting controls.”

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection