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Cutting Quickly Through LED Choices

Cutting Quickly Through LED ChoicesToday’s LED lighting choices are so vast, it’s enough to make your head spin. Where do you start? How can you sort through everything?

You don’t want to pass up LED projects simply because you have no time to get a handle on all of the options. The solution, at least for the near-term, is to limit yourself to a smaller set of options so you can be lean and agile in this space. Constructing a spreadsheet with specific choice factors will help you manage things efficiently.

  • Appearance. When you’re done with the project, nobody’s going to remember the arcane technical specifications you spent hours weeding through. But everyone will see those lamps and fixtures. Those are the calling card you’re leaving behind. Identify 10 or 15 styles you really like.
  • Beam width. LEDs are highly directional light sources. This was a big drawback in the early days of LED lighting products. But with advances in fixture and lens design, many beam widths are available. For each style you like (previous step), identify available spot, narrow, and wide (flood) options.
  • Brightness. Measured in lumens.
  • Color temperature. For example, cool white and neutral white.
  • Older technology replacement equivalents. Many of the LED jobs are retrofits. Knowing what replaces what can help you sell the job.
  • Cost. No explanation of this needed....
  • Features and limitations. Avoid misapplications and quickly spot “opportunity” applications.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection