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Cheap Lighting Upsells

If you’re an electrical contractor suffering from decreased revenue, a cheap lighting project upsell can ease the pain.

Inexpensive upsells have several advantages over the “swing for the fences” proposals that entail a major outlay. For example, they increase:

  • Likelihood of approval. A customer might reject an expensive upsell simply because the money is not there.
  • Workload manageability. You can use incremental scope additions to smooth out the workflow.
  • Customer loyalty. Upsells don’t have to cover the fixed costs of the original project. So, you can give the customer a “great deal” and become the preferred contractor.

Consider this inexpensive upsell example. Lighting installation is normally point to point wiring—from the breaker directly to the first ballast and then the next. In commercial spaces, which involve tenant turnover, lighting (and receptacle) reconfiguration happens often. A permanent backbone wired to local “final point” panels would eliminate the cost, mess, and delays between paying tenants. It doesn’t cost much more to do it this way, and the customer never has to buy that backbone installation again.

Brainstorm on customer pain points, and you can develop an attractive list of upsells. You can package these in a manner similar to the good/better/best pricing model that Sears made popular in the 1970s. These work so well, you see variations everywhere. You may have seen those bronze, silver, and gold gym memberships, for example. You can use the same concepts to build some marketing muscle and pump up your profits.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection