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Be Careful with LED Recommendations

A small manufacturing facility had an old pendant light in its front lobby. The light contained five 25W pendant lamps, all pointed up even though the area below is what needed to be lighted.

The plant manager wanted this replaced with something that looked elegant but that also provided good lighting. The electrical contractor recommended an LED replacement, and then went on to explain all of the advantages of LED. The plant manager had recently been to a big box home supply store looking at pendant fixtures and had a fair idea of what they cost. He also knew he could pick up a box of LED direct replacement 60W equivalent lamps for about $10. So he knew this fixture would not be a budget buster. Except he was wrong.

The plant manager and the contractor looked at the options on the website of a big box home supply store and the appealing styles started at around $1,500. That was a budget buster.

This was one fixture in the lobby. A more suitable fixture in non-LED could be had for about $100. It’s hard to justify the extra $1,400 on energy savings.

The discussion should not have begun with a love song about LED. It should have begun with clearly identifying what was wrong with the existing lighting and how much the client wanted to spend to fix that.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection