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Tired of Walking?

Tired of Walking?We get reimbursed for mileage driven on company business. But try claiming mileage for the distance you walk back and forth to your gangbox on the job, and you’ll get laughed at.

Excess walking back and forth on concrete not only wears you out, it consumes job time that you should use to accomplish the work you’re getting paid to do.

Consider production downtime, as an example. In too many facilities, maintenance techs respond to a downtime call with nothing but a screwdriver in their pocket. So while the machine is down and the company is losing a quarter million dollars an hour of revenue, techs are walking back and forth to the shop to get another tool instead of being able to focus on the work itself.

The solution in this case is twofold:

  1. The techs arrive wearing their toolpouches and carrying their DMMs. They know they’ll need more than a screwdriver, so they come prepared.
  2. Drawings, special supplies, and spare parts are already in a locker at the equipment. If it’s critical equipment or something like a large MMC, that locker also contains dedicated test equipment.
  3. Some parts and assemblies are already put together. All possible “kitting” arrangements have been worked out with the electrical distributor.

You can apply this same efficiency-mindedness to any work. Using your experience, plan each task (or stage of the job). Note what tools, test equipment, and safety gear you’ll need, and bring those items when you arrive.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection