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Profiting from Project Conclusion, Part 4

Profiting from Project Conclusion, Part 4When you finish a job, does knowledge gained carry over to future jobs? If mistakes were made on this job, view the cost as tuition; make sure you learn from those mistakes so you don’t pay the cost again. The same applies to problems that arose from causes other than mistakes.

Some tips:

  • Identify problems with the project documentation. This should be an ongoing process throughout the project, but dedicate time post-project to collecting actionable information. Focus on what caused confusion, delay, or rework. Figure out how to eliminate such problems going forward.
  • Identify skill set problems. What happened on this job that was evidence of a training deficiency? Correcting training deficiencies will save money on future jobs.
  • Review notes and complaints about equipment problems. Why did those happen, and how can you not only fix such problems but ensure they don’t happen again?

Convene a “lessons learned” session to identify ways to save money on the next project. You don’t need to get the entire crew into a room to do this because people on crews talk to each other. Having a short session in which you can extract this information is relatively painless, versus trying to set up a big, costly meeting in which probably only one or two people will speak up anyhow. Stay focused on money-saving opportunities, such as “We should have had kitting to save time in the field.”

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