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New Tech Series Tool Bags from VETO PRO PAC

FACT: GUYS THAT WEAR COVERALLS KNOW MORE ABOUT TOOLS THAN GUYS IN SUITS. That's why VETO PRO PAC makes tool bags. To store your tools vertically where you can see what's what and get to it easily. To keep your tools from flying around in the back of your truck. To protect every tool with a bag that is jobsite tough and covered by a five-year warranty. It's the kind of bag someone would design if they'd been a carpenter for 25 years. Which is exactly what's happening here. Veto Pro Pack introduces its new Tech Series Tool Bags.
  • TECH-LC - A HVAC service technician version of the original Model LC. A number of changes have been made to tailor the bag to accommodate HVAC service technicians tools and work routines.
  • TP3 - A clip-on diagnostics bag designed to hold a meter and a variety of tools. When not in use it can clip onto any model Veto tool bag's tape clip or D-Rings.
  • MB - A clip-on meter bag designed to hold a small selection of tools and one or two meters. When not in use it can clip onto any model Veto bags tape clip or D-Rings.