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Summit Electric Supply to Donate $50,000 for Hurricane Ike Relief

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - President and CEO Victor R. Jury Jr. announced today that Summit Electric Supply will donate $50,000 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Ike relief efforts.

Summit's four locations in the hurricane-affected Texas cities of Beaumont, Clute, La Porte and Houston escaped major damage and all 116 associates escaped injury.

"Thanks to some solid planning and preparation by our leaders and teams in Beaumont, Clute, Houston and La Porte, all locations are open for business and serving customers," Jury said. "We have taken steps to ensure business continuity and to have the post-storm materials on hand that will be needed to get the affected communities up and running as soon as possible."

All four Summit locations were open and operating this morning, including phones and delivery trucks. Three of the service centers were using generators. Clute city power was restored by mid-morning.

Other Summit locations in the immediate area and in the region are helping and supporting the four impacted branches. (Summit operates 20 service centers in five states, including 11 in Texas and three in Louisiana.)

Associates began emergency preparations as early as Tuesday, Sept. 9, ahead of the storm. Most evacuated the area Friday, as officials had directed, but returned late Sunday or this morning.

"Thank God, none of our associates experienced any physical harm," Jury said. "Most of our affected associates have returned to their homes and many still are without electricity.

Regrettably, we have at least several associates whose homes were affected by flooding."