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Summit Electric Supply Releases New Mobile App for Calculating Conduit Fill

Summit Electric Supply has launched a new mobile application that quickly determines the allowable fill rates for conduit or tubing.

Conduit Fill Tracker is a useful conduit fill calculator for electricians that keeps track of any combination of conductors as they are added to various conduit types and sizes. The application displays the current and remaining fill percentages in an easy-to-read graph that updates in real-time as the user makes selections.

Since the application is based on 2011 National Electrical Code® standards, the graph will quickly alert users when they go over the allowable fill rate, making it easy to determine the maximum number of conductors that can be used in any selected conduit or tubing.

“Conduit Fill Tracker saves electricians time and takes the hassle out of calculating allowable fill for a job site. There are no lengthy conduit fill charts to go through and the app performs all of the calculations in real-time according to 2011 NEC® standards,” says Summit’s web designer Josh Costanza, who helped design the Conduit Fill Tracker.

There are varying sizes and types of conductors available to choose from, including bare wire and compact conductors. The application makes it easy to add and remove conductors or switch between conduit types and sizes to find the right fit for the job.

With each change, the app automatically calculates permitted fill rates, adjusting for differences in conductor count and even for conduit or tubing lengths of 24 inches or less. To show users where they are impacted most, detailed area consumption for each group of conductors is also displayed.

Northern New Mexico Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. and other industry experts assisted with the development of Summit’s Conduit Fill Tracker mobile app.

Conduit Fill Tracker is now available for Android devices 2.2 and up and for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices with iOS 5.0 or later. Users can download for free from Google Play and the App Store or by visiting