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Lighthouse Charity Team Receives Donation from Summit Electric Supply for Fire Efforts

HOUSTON – As wild fires ravaged southeast Texas in September, a powerful but little-known relief organization aided first responders. The Lighthouse Charity Team, a 100% volunteer group established in 1984, provides services to other nonprofits.

Emergency meal preparation during disasters is one of the group’s specialties. During the recent wildfires, Lighthouse Charity Team volunteers coordinated delivery of food and prepared three meals a day for thousands of people over the weekend when the fires raged.

The effort won heartfelt praise from the Galveston Police Department that was called upon to help with the firefighting.

“With the burden of coordinating the cooking efforts taken from our back, we were able to concentrate on providing public service assistance to all levels within the county,” wrote Tommy Maffei, a police department official.

Summit Electric Supply account manager Ross McClintock, who has been a volunteer and electrical supplier to the group for 12 years, brought the relief efforts to the attention of the company President and CEO Victor R. Jury Jr. Summit operates in 12 Texas markets.

Summit donated $7,500 to the group after learning about the feat.

“We’re pleased to support such an organization that quietly operates behind the scenes to help people in emergencies,” Jury said. “And, of course, we’re proud to see one of our own associates playing such an active role.”

The Lighthouse Charity Team, founded in 1984, is headquartered in Friendswood, Texas. The nonprofit has raised over $10 million for other nonprofits and served more than a million meals. The 100% volunteer organization operates its own $1.2 million bus that serves as a ”command center” complete with satellite communications, mobile cooking equipment, totally self-sufficient refrigeration, and commercial quantity barbecue pits.

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