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Penn State to Lead 'Energy Innovation Hub' at Navy Yard

A research consortium led by Pennsylvania State University won up to $129 million in federal funding to develop an "energy innovation hub" at the Philadelphia Navy Yard -- a project expected to create and retain 1,200 jobs in the area immediately and as many as 100,000 over the next five to 10 years, officials said Tuesday. The Penn State group garnered the highly competitive grant -- the largest in the university's history -- from the Department of Energy. Three other federal agencies also contributed about $7 million, and Pennsylvania kicked in $30 million. The federal grant -- to be paid out over the next five years -- will fund research into energy-efficient building designs and training workers in how to do the best retrofitting and new construction. The Penn State consortium, called the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster, includes academic institutions, federal laboratories, global industry partners, regional economic development agencies, and other entities.

8/25 McClatchy-Tribune