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More States and Territories Approved to Receive Federal Money

  • DOE awarded the Western Governors' Association $12 million to help 11 states plan for new electric transmission.
  • Montana's share of the $300 million national rebates on appliances program is $928,000, which is enough for about 9,700 rebates.
  • Tennessee will receive $5.9 million for rebates on appliances
  • Wisconsin was awarded $5.4 million for rebates on appliances launched over the weekend
  • Vermont's Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program will receive an additional $536,400
  • Ohio will use $11 million federal stimulus money
  • Missouri to distribute $11 million in energy grants
  • South Dakotans who replace old household appliances with more efficient models could get rebates of up to $150 in a program that will begin March 1
  • California’s statewide "cash for appliances" program might get rolling around Easter time.
  • Wisconsin has been allocated $5.4 million for the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program starting Jan. 1, 2010
  • Baltimore getting $6.4M from DOE.  City officials say through December, Baltimore has received about $300 million of stimulus funds  12/22 AP
  • Illinois received $12.4 million and Iowa garnered $2.8 million for "cash for appliances"
  • Texas received $23.3 million for rebates on appliances
  • Utah's share will be $2.6 million for the purchase of new energy efficient    appliances