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KCP&L Scales Back Energy Conservation Incentives

Kansas City Power & Light's much-heralded proposal to help its customers use less electricity is in disarray, just two months after it was announced. In December, KCP&L asked state regulators to approve plans that would lock in conservation incentives for its nearly 600,000 Missouri customers. Now the utility is withdrawing the plan for its 270,000 customers in the Kansas City area. Under the KCP&L proposal, customers would be encouraged to conserve energy by getting rebates to buy energy-efficient equipment and lighting. To pay for the program's upfront costs, KCP&L was asking regulators to let it raise electricity rates. But KCP&L, in a new filing with the Missouri Public Service Commission, said the conservation plans would have raised rates up to 4 percent, which it could not justify at this time for its Kansas City customers. KCP&L could reconsider in a year or two and again seek approval to bring those customers into the energy conservation program.

2/23 The Kansas City Star