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Energy Costs for D.C. Commercial Buildings to Go Online

Companies seeking to lease space in Washington's large commercial buildings will be able to compare the size of their future energy bills at various rental properties, thanks to a law passed in the District in 2008 that is beginning to take effect.  The District's "Clean and Affordable Energy Act" aims to motivate property owners to adopt energy-efficient technologies by making their monthly power bills a matter of public record.  To that end, beginning in 2010, property managers who oversee buildings with more than 200,000 square feet of office space are required by law to record energy and water usage rates on a Web site run by the EPA. The Institute for Market Transformation estimates that 260 buildings in the District will be required to record their energy data starting this year. In coming years, smaller commercial buildings will also be required to participate in the program. 01/01 Washington Post