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DOE Announced More Than $354 Million in Funding for

09/14, 15, 17, 24, 29, 30 AP

  • Georgia gets more than $21 million
  • In addition, Georgia colleges get $27M in stimulus funding
  • Illinois to receive $21.8 million
  • Nebraska gets $9.5 million
  • Agency gives Louisiana $13.8 million 
  • Indiana to get $11 million in energy grants
  • Mississippi gets $9 million federal energy grant
  • DOE to give Missouri $12.5 million for energy projects
  • WVU gets $100K grant for energy project
  • Arkansas gets $9.5 million to promote energy efficiency
  • Oklahoma to receive $18 million in fed funding
  • Arizona gets $9.5 million for energy projects
  • Michigan gets $19.6 million for energy projects
  • Wyoming agency gets $9.6 million stimulus for efficiency
  • North Carolina to get $21 million
  • Iowa getting $9.5 million in green energy funds
  • Minnesota gets $3 million in renewable energy aid
  • Ohio will receive more than $30 million in federal funds
  • Oregon likes its chances of being chosen to receive up to $100 million
  • Colorado will get more than $34 million
  • Massachusetts offering $15 million in federal stimulus dollars for proposals for super-energy efficient buildings.  The ultimate goal: The "zero net" building.
  • Including Alabama too……..etc. etc. etc.