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City Converts Streetlights to Energy-Saving LEDs

Going block by block, crews in bucket trucks are converting 70,000 city streetlights from sodium vapor lights to long-lasting, energy-saving LEDs. The bright side: Baltimore expects to reap an annual savings of $1.9 million on its electric bill and $275,000 in maintenance costs. Also, advocates say the lights produce less glare and are more focused, meaning less light pollution that drowns out the night stars and can disrupt ecosystems. The dimmer side: Critics say the new lights don't illuminate the area as well. The first phase of the three-year project is about 80 percent completed, with 8,000 new lights in place. Switching the 10,000 city-owned streetlights was the first step. Next up are the lights owned by Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

8/17  The Baltimore Sun