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Central Hudson Offers Energy Efficiency Incentives to Mid-sized Businesses

Mid-sized businesses in the Hudson Valley may now qualify for the Central Hudson, Poughkeepsie, NY SavingsCentral energy efficiency programs.  Mid-sized businesses with monthly electric demands between 100 and 350 kilowatts, which typically include many hotels and motels, restaurants, grocery stores, colleges and larger municipal facilities, are eligible.  Eligible businesses will receive an on-site energy assessment of their facilities at no charge, and are provided a report outlining suggested electric energy efficiency improvements, such as lighting and motor upgrades; high-efficiency electric heating and cooling systems, including ground-source heat pumps; and other custom measures. The $2.4 million Mid-Size Business Program is funded by the Systems Benefit Charge through 2011, and is projected to save more than 5,500 megawatt-hours of electricity. To learn more about available programs: