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Appliance Rebates Come and Go, Quickly

About $300 million was set aside for the national program. Whether it is newfound green consciousness ahead of Earth Day — or just the allure of a big discount on a new washing machine or air-conditioner — consumers across the country are snapping up government rebates for energy-efficient appliances. The federal government created the appliance rebate program as part of the 2009 stimulus legislation, and retailers say the rebate programs have boosted sales. 4/19 NY Times

  • Colorado’s $18 million energy rebate program sparks high interest
  • Energy-efficient appliance rebate program kicks off in Florida. The state estimates the $17.5 million it has to hand out will cover about 66,000 rebates
  • Entire $6.2 million pool of Energy Star rebates gone in 11 hours in Illinois
  • Green rebates for appliances face quick end in Miami
  • Missouri and feds will pay you to buy green appliances….$5.6 million in rebates
  • Wyoming has $460,000 available to offer rebates for new appliances
  • Allegheny Power starts rebate program for old appliances and for free CFLs
  • Appliance rebate plan about to reach Virginia
  • Connecticut has $3 million to expand the appliance rebate program
  • El Paso Electric providing rebates for old refrigerators, freezers
  • New Mexico offers rebates for energy-efficient appliances
  • Kentucky snagged $4 million in federal stimulus money for the Kentucky Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate program
  • SDG&E and the California Energy Commission have teamed to offer San Diego County residents $35.2 million of federal stimulus rebates
  • Utah begins accepting energy rebate applications
  • Ohio extends appliance rebate offer
  • Massachusetts announces second round of appliance rebates