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The Top Ten LED Lighting Developments of 2012

One: The phaseout of the 100-watt incandescent nominally began on New Year’s Day.
Two: The 50th anniversary of the invention of the modern LED by Nick Holonyak at General Electric was observed in October.
Three: Osram announces major progress on silicon substrates in January.
Four: Soraa unstealths in February, revealing a gallium nitride (GaN) substrate LED.
Five: NXP and Greenwave partner to release the first IPv6-controllable light bulb in October, using the 6LoWPAN standard, a milestone in networked smart lighting.
Six: Cree releases the most efficient production LED yet, the XM-L2, at 186 lumens per watt.
Seven: 3M announces the Advanced Light Bulb to be sold by Walmart.
Eight: Home interiors chain Ikea announces that it will phase out all non-LED lighting products and store lighting by 2016.
Nine: China turns to U.S. suppliers in an official backlash against domestic LED streetlight quality problems. China momentarily claims four of the world’s five largest LED streetlight installations.
Ten: The Osram non-IPO…Siemens revised its IPO of Osram into a share conversion and then delayed it repeatedly as the Eurozone struggled. The Top Ten LED Lighting Developments of 2012