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Survey Illuminates Lighting Trends by Joseph M. Kelly

Electrical contractors have seen the bright lights of opportunity borne by involvement in lighting specification and installation. Over time, market forces have drawn ECs further into the fold, allowing them to increasingly influence brands and make specification decisions and, ultimately, become very vital decisionmakers when it comes to lighting-related projects. This change has occurred across the lighting spectrum, through all categories, including lamps, ballasts, fixtures and controls. LED trends are something to keep an eye on. One-third of electrical contractors say that LEDs are poised to replace incandescent lamps, compared with 23 percent thinking LEDs are currently ready to replace compact fluorescents and another 19 percent suggesting LEDs are ready to replace fluorescent lamps. An additional one-third of those surveyed think that LEDs will be ready to replace each of these lamp types within the next one or two years.

Market Readiness of LEDs to Replace...

2/’11 Electrical Contractor