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Small Replacement Lamps Tested in Caliper Round 9 Showed a Wide Range of Results

That’s why it’s so important to know how to evaluate LED replacements for incandescent lamps and compare them to the incumbent products. To help people do just that, DOE recently added a new technology fact sheet,  LED Replacements for Incandescent Omnidirectional Lamps, to its ever-growing library of online resources. Based on DOE CALiPER benchmark testing and analysis of manufacturer data, it notes that the light output of these replacement products has been steadily increasing and, in some cases, now rivals that of 40W incandescent lamps, and that their luminous efficacy is as much as five times greater than their incan­descent counterparts. But it also draws attention to a number of red-flag issues, including huge variability in performance, unreliable manufacturer claims, poor color quality, variations in light output and distribution, high initial cost, and incompatible form factors. Postings from Jim Brodrick