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Rebate Programs are Projected to Grow Dramatically

Projected Funding for Energy Efficient ProgramsEnergy efficiency programs have increased rapidly the past few years, expanding in both funding levels and geography. In 2009, US utilities increased their spending on energy efficiency programs by 43% according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. While that number seems impressive, projections show that by 2020, funding may grow to 250-400% of 2008 levels. That means in 2020, utilities will be offering $5.4 - $12.4 billion to customers who want to improve their energy efficiency. Geographically, rebates for commercial lighting are spreading out to more parts of the US, and are growing more popular in the Southeast and South Central US. Now, organizations in 47 states have rebates for energy efficient lighting in non-residential applications, covering almost 70% of the zip codes in the US.