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New Study Ranks Top 25 U.S. Markets in Opportunity for Green Building

San Francisco leads the 25 largest office markets for green opportunities, according to a study just released by global real estate company Cushman & Wakefield, in collaboration with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) BetterBricks initiative. The Green Building Opportunity Index is the first office market assessment tool to provide weighted comparisons of top U.S. office markets on the basis of both real estate fundamentals and green development considerations. The Index focuses on the primary factors that influence successful development, retro-fitting, leasing and sales of investment grade “green” office buildings in the 25 largest U.S. Central Business Districts (CBDs). It compares a market’s relative position to its peers in six categories: Office Market Conditions, Investment Outlook, Green Adoption & Implementation, Local Mandates & Incentives, State Energy Initiatives and Green Culture. The Green Building Opportunity Index’s top 12 markets overall:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Oakland
  3. Midtown New York
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Chicago
  6. Orange County
  7. Downtown New York
  8. Washington, D.C.
  9. San Diego
  10. Boston
  11. Seattle
  12. Portland, Ore.  

Download the Green Building Opportunity Index: