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New Lighting Product Standard Provides Clarity for Consumers

Energizer announced Dec. 8 that the Flashlight Standards Committee has developed a set of flashlight features and benefits standards for consumers seeking information on such products.Until now, there has been no consistency in how flashlight features and benefits were presented; consumers might see a flashlight that claims light output of  “3,000,000 candlepower” next to one that claims “40 lumens.”  The ANSI/NEMA FL1 – 2009 flashlight basic performance standard establishes consistent processes and definitions for reporting the following six areas of flashlight performance measurement, as well as simple icons to be printed clearly on packaging: 12/14 HCN

  • Light Output – the light projected from a flashlight will be expressed in units of lumens
  • Runtime – duration the light will operate continuously until projected light is dim
  • Beam Distance – distance the light projects onto a surface
  • Peak Beam Intensity – intensity of the projected light that does not vary with distance and expressed in units of candela 
  • Water Penetration Rating – clear definitions outlined about the difference between water-resistant, waterproof and submersible flashlights
  • Impact Resistance – after six drop tests, it must maintain all previous established measures