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LED Lighting: Pass or Play? by Jim Lucy

Commentary: LEDs are rewriting the rules of the lighting market, but it's tough to gauge the speed and scope of their real impact just yet.  Right now, for all of the wonders of LEDs, the best T5/T8 fluorescent lighting systems and best-of-breed CFLs, halogen and HID lighting still produce a ROI that LEDs can't match. Zillions of square feet of office space, factories and homes are being lit quite efficiently by these conventional systems, thousands of salespeople are still out selling them like mad, and distributors still stock billions of dollars of the stuff in inventory. That all won't go away anytime real soon.  While it's too early to say which companies will dominate the LED market, there's no doubt LEDs will eventually change the lighting market as we know it.

04/’11 Electrical Wholesaling