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LED Controls: 15 Examples of LED Lighting Control in Action Edited by Craig DiLouie

 This whitepaper explores 15 examples of LED lighting in application, with a brief description of the controls strategy used to achieve the desired results. Edited by Craig DiLouie

  1. Freezer Case
  2.  Infrastructure Effect Lighting
  3. General Lighting with Conventional Control
  4. Colorful Residential Lighting
  5. Facade Branding and Display Effects
  6. Theatrical House Side Lighting
  7. Daylight Control
  8. Integrated Display and General Illumination
  9. Special Effects
  10. Outdoor Facade Lighting
  11. Facade Textured Effects
  12. Workstation Lighting
  13. Commercial Interiors
  14. Video Effects
  15. White Light Tuning