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It's Clearly Time to Start Shifting the Emphasis from Watts to Lumens

Otherwise, in a few more years there are going to be an awful lot of confused people wandering around the aisles of stores looking for the 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W lamps they've been used to, and scratching their heads trying to make sense of the high-efficiency lamps they find instead. Their confusion could be so great as to cause a certain amount of market dislocation. What's clearly needed is some kind of coordinated effort to reeducate the consumer. And in fact there are already steps being taken to encourage a change in emphasis. The Federal Trade Commission recently proposed that the packaging for all medium screw base lamps (incandescent, CFL, and LED) be required to display light output in lumens on the front panel, along with energy cost, while wattage would move to the side or rear. The idea, based in large part on consumer research, is that making lumens more prominent and wattage less so will help get people to focus on lumens rather than watts as a measure of light output. Postings from Jim Brodrick