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Incandescent A-Line Lamps Decline Sharply in Second Quarter

NEMA’s shipments index for incandescent A-line lamps dropped 61.2% during 2014Q2, as the full effect of EISA 2007 lamp efficiency regulations took hold during the first six months of the year. Substitute lamp types such as LED A-line and halogen A-line posting increases of 35.8% and 9.9% q/q, respectively. Meanwhile, the index for CFL declined by 2.7%. Despite their quarterly decline, shipments of CFLs surpassed incandescent A-line lamps to assume the lead position with respect to market share, garnering a 36.4% share of screw-in base consumer type lamps. Incandescent A-line lamps slipped nearly 24 points to a share of 34.7%. The share of halogen A-line lamps climbed 10.5 points reaching 26%, while LED A-line lamps improved to 2.9%.