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Honeywell: 2015 Date for LED Lighting 'Too Late'

The US manufacturer Honeywell is calling for an immediate global switch to LED lighting, saying that the predicted date of 2015 for market domination by LEDs is too late. Lighting accounts for roughly 19% of global energy production, and a switch to LEDs would be cost effective for companies, says John Storey, global business director of LED Lighting for Honeywell. Honeywell has set up a free global consultancy service to try to convince companies that the up-front costs will be paid for by power savings, citing the fact that LEDs have a significantly longer life span of 60,000 hours, compared to a traditional fluorescent tube lasting 10-15,000 hours. LED lights also have a wider optimum temperature range.

Honeywell: 2015 Date for LED Lighting "Too Late"