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GSA Makes Case for Smart Lighting, Plug Strip Roll-Out

The US General Services Administration has concluded reviews of energy efficient technologies responsive lighting systems and plug load control and released details of how such technology could be rolled out to federal buildings. A study of responsive lighting systems showed that such technology provided energy savings that ranged from around 27-to-63 percent over baseline conditions, depending on the work space’s normal use. Lighting accounts for 39 percent of electricity costs in office buildings, the GSA says. The workstation-specific lighting systems evaluated in the study were found to be most cost effective in spaces with long operating hours and varying occupancy patterns, such as call centers. Offices with “3-tube 2×4 troffer light fixtures, operating days that are 14 hours or longer, utility costs of $0.11/kWh or greater, and an occupancy pattern that is variable, offer the best potential for energy savings at a low simple payback and therefore a “strong argument for targeted deployment,” the report says. The GSA also announced future studies of 12 more energy efficient technologies. 

 Occupant Responsive Lighting