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Energy Efficient Lighting for Commercial Markets

Lighting currently represents about 17.5% of all global electricity consumption. The U.S. alone accounts for approximately 20% of this amount at an annual cost of over $40 billion. As energy efficiency becomes increasingly important for controlling costs, improving energy independence, and reducing environmental impacts, governments and organizations have looked to lighting as the “low hanging fruit” of energy efficiency.  This Pike Research report describes the key technology and market trends that are driving the use of LED and other high-efficiency lighting in the Commercial, Industrial and Outdoor Stationary sectors. The report analyzes the performance requirements for a number of lighting applications and assesses the suitability of various current and future lighting technologies for these applications. It also includes a 10-year forecast for lamp and luminaire sales in the U.S. across 10 different lighting technology categories in seven major building types and application sectors. In addition, the report includes SWOT analyses of 16 key industry players.

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