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DOE Reports Track Progress in LED Lighting Technology

The industry’s shift to LEDs continues to be one of the most dynamic areas of product development and market realignment in the electrical industry. This transition has been getting substantial support from the U.S. DOE which offers programs for performance testing and standardized methods for reporting performance characteristics, with an eye toward assisting market acceptance. According to a recent DOE forecast, LED lighting will represent 74% of sales in the U.S. general illumination market by 2030 and will save about 2,700 terawatt-hours and $250 billion over a 20-year period. Navigant Research, in a report released this week, estimated that worldwide shipments of LED lamps will grow from 68 million units in 2013 to 1.28 billion units annually by 2021, and that the markets for every other lighting technology will contract over that period. DOE released two reports over the past few weeks on areas where there is still some distance to close before LEDs can be considered better than established light sources, recessed troffer applications and environmental impact from end-of-life disposal. DOE Reports Track Progress LED Lighting Technology