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DOE Releases Special CALiPER Summary Report on Retail Replacement Lamp Testing

The U.S. DOE has completed Retail Replacement Lamp product testing through the DOE Solid-State Lighting (SSL) CALiPER program. A Summary Report containing the results is now available for download on the DOE SSL website at This special testing was undertaken to identify and test performance of solid-state lighting (SSL) replacement lamp products directly available to the general public through retail outlets (stores and websites). Product testing covered a limited sample of 33 SSL replacement lamps, including five A19, four B10 (candelabra), two C7 (night light), eleven MR16/PAR16, four PAR20, and seven PAR30. The 33 different lamps represented products by 10 different manufacturers and were anonymously purchased from eight different retailers.Detailed test results from this report will be available soon through the searchable online CALiPER system: